Make time for the things that really matter in life, in your private life and at work. Ekivita helps you find the perfect work-life balance.


Happy employees are productive employees  So why not make their life easier with comfort services and increase their purchasing power by 1,000 Euros every year?


Have a fun day out and enjoy endless discounts or use our comfort services. Whether you’re at the cinema or in a theme park. Or looking for a laundry or an ironing service. Ekivita is at your service.


Tens of thousands of potential customers are looking for you. Tap into the wider Ekivita network and boost your business.


Work becomes fun 

Time for the things that matter in life. Ultimately that is what every employee wants. Giving them more time to spend with their family, to go shopping or to work without worrying. Ironing and laundry? They are done at work, just like their shopping.

Up to 1,000 Euros more purchasing power 

Give your employees 1,000 Euros to spend. Who will refuse? Anyone can find exclusive discounts from their favourite shops, suppliers and online stores on their personal Ekivita platform. And the discount card is accepted by thousands of traders all over Belgium.

Less hassle at work 

More time, more money, less hassle. And always within reach. Take your laundry or ironing to work and come home with the fresh fragrance of newly-washed clothes. Repairing shoes, supplying you with flowers and even doing all of your shopping: our office services are always at your service.


Take your pick and enjoy the benefits.

Discount on the Apple online store

"Your groceries with discounts! Available on food & non-food products"

Pre-sale for events & musicals

The ideal gift box with discount & free delivery

Discount on your luggage

Discount on your entrance ticket

Unique programs for physical & mental coaching

Discount on all your purchases

Discount on all your purchases

Discount on all your purchases

Discount on your entrance ticket

Discount on your menu

Discount on your entrance ticket

Discount on all your purchases

Discount on your language courses

Discount on your menu


Happy employees? Our customers know exactly what that feels like.

"As employer we can count on a professional collaboration and an excellent service."

"It has become a reflex... our employees think about Ekivita!"

"Less hassle thanks to Ekivita, and more enjoyable moments for our employees."