Tens of thousands of potential customers are looking for you. Tap into the wider Ekivita network and boost your business..


New customers  

Advertise your business for more growth. With Ekivita you can potentially reach tens of thousands of customers at a go. Not once, but time and again. Your company’s name or products are featured in a custom online platform and in the offices and companies themselves. At your service.

For services and products 

Offer a permanent service or discount? Easy as pie. Or do you prefer a temporary campaign that targets a specific customer group? Just as easy. You make the choice. With Ekivita it’s all possible. For services and products. From a unique discount to a massage at work: we can offer it. We regularly screen offers for quality.

Tens of thousands of potential buyers 

Yes, we have a large network. The employees of SMEs, national and international companies take advantage of our discounts. And those tens of thousands of employees can potentially become your customers. Increasing your turnover was never this easy. Here are your buyers.

  • Large reach
  • For physical shops and online stores
  • Growth without having to make large investments in marketing or sales

Marketing and communication 

Information sessions with customers, permanent links, temporary online promotions, monthly newsletters, dozens of online platforms: Ekivita lets you target new customers in several ways. Both personally and online. And you don't have to do a thing. Ekivita promotes your business or service to hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of employees. Direct marketing without the effort: Easy and simple.


Our customers become your customers.